At Head2Toe Fitness we realize that everyone has different goals.

Whether it's fat loss, injury prevention, strength gain or the like, we understand that results can't always be captured on camera.


I met Will a few months after my first son was born in 2014. My first impression of him was that he was very energetic and professional.

Will has been my number one trainer ever since and I would not change to anyone else. My body feels better than ever.

My first goal was to get my body back and lose the extra pounds post-pregnancy only to see myself becoming fitter, stronger, and better looking BEFORE I had a baby. That wasn’t even a goal that just happened!

I didn’t only lose all the extra pounds and more from two pregnancies but gained confidence in myself with more energy to do things. I became my best self following his fitness regimen and diet tips.

Riikka T. 
CEO And Badass Mum



Will's personality and tailored approach to training has made me and my wife huge fans!
I personally find how Will tailors sessions from one to the next and sets realistic weekly goals, hugely beneficial and is really getting me maximum benefits. 


I have lost 45 pounds so far, and my wife is close to 35 pounds! We are eating healthier but also creating a much healthier and balanced mindset around our food intake. At no point have we had to cut out any of our favourite foods.

Will has also brought awareness to things such as my weekly alcohol intake and how it affects my sleep. I’ve been able to recover faster and feel more energized during the day as a result of even this small change. As a CEO of a large company, I need all the extra energy and focus I can on a daily basis.

We are strong advocates of his!

CEO of a Large Mining Company

I know the struggles of finding for a personal trainer who knows what they're talking about, and helps you get the results you want. There are so many people nowadays that do a short online course and call themselves a trainer. But Will has so much experience in the industry, that I immediately felt in good hands.  

Anyone searching for a knowledgeable, friendly, and patient personal trainer need look no further. His nutritional and exercise plans get results and have worked wonders for me. I can't recommend him enough! 

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the exercises that Will had me doing - and that's saying something for me! I've never ben a gym bunny, but that doesn't matter to Will. He makes you feel confident in the gym and will soon have you loving it.

I can't wait to see where his plans will take me next, as I'm loving the results so far. Thanks Will!

Elizabeth H. 
Director of Marketing


I have been working out, off and on, for my entire life.  During that time, I have had the good fortune to train with several great Personal Trainers.


This experience has shown me that Will is an exemplary Personal Trainer.  


Will is deeply passionate about his profession and is constantly updating his knowledge and this can be seen in every aspect of his technique.

Will’s expertise has helped me to improve my form when performing exercises that I thought I was doing correctly.  This improved form has helped me with my posture and created a more balanced core strength that in turn has helped me achieve my goals of greater strength, endurance, and muscle mass.  

Finally, Will is constantly adding “new” exercises (or variations of the same one) to the program in order to tweak my workout, either for better results, or if I have any sports or work-related injury.  

I strongly recommend Will to anybody that is serious about getting the absolute best results from their work out.

Anthony Kokai-Kuun
Air Transat A330 Captain

Recently, I suffered a complete ACL tear along with an impaction fracture in my right knee due to a wake-boarding jump.  

Will became an integral part of my recovery plan which we started within a week following the injury.  

Six weeks later I have surpassed personal bests as compared with my pre-injury performance level.  

Words do not begin to describe the elation I feel.  I can now confidently know that returning to my sports is matter of "when" versus "if".  

I couldn't have recovered this well and this quickly without Will.  He is worth every penny and more!

Tracy B.
Air Canada 
737 Captain

Will was my trainer and coach for a year and I am so glad that I was able to work with him.  


I started out just wanting to improve my training and fitness, but when I suggested pursuing a long time goal of mine to compete in a bodybuilding show, Will was super supportive and encouraging.  


He put together a challenging programme specifically designed with my goals in mind and also gave me a weekly meal plan to follow.  


I loved training with Will - he really knew how to get the results I wanted, and I knew I could trust him.


Regardless of what your fitness goals are I would absolutely recommend Will as a coach.  He knows what he is doing!


Thank you Will.

Patricia O'Brien
Overall Masters Winner
INBF 2014


I have worked with Will since June and would recommend him to anyone who is ready to change their life in the most positive way possible.

Not only is Will the most knowledgeable trainer I have met, he understands how to translate that knowledge into results. I joined the gym to improve my fitness and mobility after undergoing surgery, and Will has helped to strengthen and rehabilitate my knee, so that it’s better than before!

Weight loss was also high on the list of goals that I wanted to achieve, and Will has actually managed to re-educate me as to what I should be eating, how much and when, which means that I feel fuller for longer, and the need for snacking has almost disappeared (which is a minor miracle)!

I have lost inches off my waist and I'm almost 1 stone lighter! Will also designed a fitness program tailor made for me which means that I can achieve more when training by myself.

I see Will once a week and it would be a lie if I said the sessions were easy- I have never worked, or sweated, so much in my life. Will makes each session enjoyable, he keeps me motivated, which can be difficult when I’m feeling particularly moany, and he’s pushed me further than I would ever push myself.

Will has made a massive difference to the way I look and the way I train, and I cant wait to carry on and see how far I can really push myself.

Rhysian Jenkins