Online Training

Head2Toe Fitness... is now offering online training!

Update: New June 2022:

If you're a busy professional looking to maximize your results in the minimum amount of time, Head2Toe Fitness can help you reach your goals through the new PRIORITIZE YOU program launched in June 2022.


I'll be showing you how you take control and build better and long-lasting results by:

  • Learning how to navigate nutrition and lose fat/build muscle without having to sacrifice enjoyment or time.

  • Improving your sleep and reducing your stress by helping you focus on what really matters.

  • Developing a toolbox of skills so you NEVER need to start from square one again.

  • Using the highest impact and least intrusive strategies so you get the maximum results with the least amount of effort.

  • Ditching the stories you tell yourself and that you don't have time … and more!

The PRIORITIZE YOU program will enable you to smash through past plateaus, whilst providing you with the tools to navigate these long-term...


I've designed my formula for 40 + year old busy professionals who are:

  • Eager to achieve their fat loss and muscle building goals in the most sustainable and seamless way.

  • Willing to re-frame setbacks as opportunities to adapt and overcome, using a tried and tested approach

  • Prepared to be brave by releasing old habits and embedding new ones

  • Ready for their life to change for themselves and those who matter to them

  • Short on time and want to be as efficient as possible

If even a small part of this resonates with you and you want to feel fitter, stronger and confident in owning your space, click the CONTACT button to secure your spot!

Spaces are capped due to the intimacy, attention to detail and level of support I dedicate to my clients.



1. First, we will discuss your short and long term goals and make a plan together.

This will cover things such as injuries, diet and training history, goals, progress, and past barriers. I will tell you if I think I have the skill-set to help and tell you what is realistically possible in a certain time-frame.

If we agree on the plan and estimated time-frames to achieve these goals, I’ll send over some pricing information.

2. If you become a client, I’ll create a training plan, set nutritional and habit-based goals and guidance based on your schedule and preferences.

Once you sign up, we will book a face-to-face call and discuss the finer details of the coaching program. After this call, everything is also fully explained in the short online client on-boarding course.

The coaching includes customized nutrition guidance and a training program tailored specifically towards your experience, goals and equipment. If you don’t have time for the gym quite yet, that’s fine. We work from where you are in terms of ability and preferences.

3. You’ll check in weekly via a face-to-face call* with your progress and any questions or concerns you may have.

We come up with an achievable plan together and once agreed upon, your job is to adhere to the plan. My job is to help you do that and tweak things if necessary to stay on target. Open communication is a must and even if you have a bad week, which we all do, it’s still imperative that we check in.

I do not aim for repeat business; I aim to set you free on your own and referral business. My goal is to help send you on your way with all the skills and habits you’ll ever need to sustain the results you’ve achieved.

*other check-in methods can be used based on your personal preferences and schedule


If you are looking for someone to motivate you through each workout or rehab an injury, you should seek someone out locally. I aim to help instill self- motivation, so over time, you are taking the reigns all by yourself.

If you are looking for a coach to lay out a long-term progress plan, keep you accountable, stop you from second-guessing your decisions and be there to tweak things to ensure you keep progressing towards your goals, then online coaching is 100% worth your time.

The main thing I ask, is that you must be willing to push your comfort zone to make a lasting change.




  • You are a busy professional in a financially stable position

  • You are open to being coached

  • You are ready to be coached