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  • Are you tired of waking up without energy and pouring that 5th cup of coffee by 10 am?

  • Are you frustrated that you aren't losing weight even though you are eating healthy?

  • Have you been working out consistently and wondering why you never seem to get anywhere?


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I’ve heard from so many over 40 years old and busy working executives, telling me they’re sick and tired of feeling restricted in their food choices, and spending hours in the gym when trying to drop body fat.


They’ve read all the magazines … searched google for answers… and spent a small fortune in gym memberships, fat loss supplements, shakes and pills, but no dice


Does this sound familiar?

If so, what can you do?


Eat less calories? Exercise more? Take supplements that promise to enhance weight loss?


Well, that’d make sense, but unfortunately it’s not quite so simple.


You could just eat less calories, but that would only work for so long. 

You could try and train harder, but our bodies adapt to exercise very easily.

You may burn 300 calories on your morning run on day 1, but a few weeks later, you’ll be burning less than half of this.


And you could take a fat loss supplement, but you’d be just as well off taking a strong cup of coffee. There is no pill that will magically help you shed those extra pounds, no matter what the adverts say.


Knowing all this, and knowing I could help parents who are also busting their butts in their executive jobs.


I needed to figure out a solution.

And that’s what lead me to build -




The Prioritize YOU program will help you develop a toolbox of skills so you never have to start from square one again.


Here is a taster of what’s inside:


  •  Learn how to navigate nutrition and lose fat or build muscle without having to sacrifice enjoyment or time.

  • Use the highest impact and least intrusive strategies so you get the maximum results with the least amount of effort.

  • Improve your sleep and reduce your stress by helping you focus on what really matters and more.


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Head2Toe Fitness was originally founded in the UK in 2007. However, in 2011 Will relocated to North Vancouver and carried across the reputation and experience of Head2Toe Fitness’ name to Canadian shores.


Will has trained a huge variety of clients in multiple countries including Spain, Romania, Australia, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA to name a few.

Highlights of Will's qualifications and achievements:

  • 17 years of in person and online coaching experience- 14,000+ hours

  • Precision Nutrition - Lvl 1 / Lvl 2

  • Former Professional bodybuilder ( WNBF Pro)

  • Ultra-Marathon runner / UK Strength and Power series - UK Finalist/ Former International pentathlete



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